About Us

To the person reading this, it's time for a little back story for Saber.


In 2018, a young man unknowingly came across his new passion and calling in life. Inspired by minimalistic designs, the fashion and health and wellbeing industry. Owen Mai wanted to find the perfect balance between casual gym wear and athleisure that would never look out of place. 

So their team made the exciting, yet difficult decision to bring 'Saber' to life.

Despite the fact that they would be looking at years of hard work, they decided to represent their values and beliefs through the brand.

Who we are as people and who we are as a brand are directly linked.

We bring our version and touch on classic garments. As biased as it may sound, we only produce quality. 

To be a brand of the people for the people, we love feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve our product range.

We thank you for visiting our brand and can't wait for you to try out our range.